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Donate to End Isolation Among Young Adult Cancer Patients

The experience of young adult cancer can be extremely isolating. There’s the feeling of being the youngest on the infusion floor, or hearing from family and friends that you’re “too young” to have cancer. All of these feelings were further complicated by the onset of COVID-19, when in-person support groups ceased meeting and many immunocompromised patients were forced to stay home in order to stay safe. Even now, as the world recalibrates to the reality of COVID-19, the young adult cancer community is still as vulnerable as ever.

That’s where Cactus Cancer Society comes in. We hear, time and again, that our programs help patients, survivors, and caregivers find one another. Our post-program surveys reflect that even attending one art workshop can give a sense of normalcy back to a young adult who didn’t know it was possible to feel again. 

You can be a part of ensuring that positive experience for the next young adult with cancer. 

Cactus Cancer Society offers its digital programs free of charge, and that relies on the generosity of our donors. No donation is too small to make a difference! 

$15 offers a young adult journaling prompts weekly, for one month. Giving $25 provides one young adult with a book during our Young Adult Cancer Book Club. $50 gives one young adult a supply box for a Creative Art Workshop. A donation of $250 allows one young adult to participate in a session of our 8-week Writing Group.

These donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of IRS rules & regulations and ensure that our programs will continue to end isolation among the young adult cancer community. 

To make an impact today, visit our Donate page.