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Donor Space: What Makes Lacuna Loft Different During COVID-19?


Hey there!

I’m back for another Donor Space update!

When COVID-19 hit the scene in the US, most cancer support locations closed their physical doors and in-person opportunities for support were either canceled or moved online.  When this happened, I was asked again and again, With everyone offering online support now, how is Lacuna Loft different?

It’s a great question!  The short answer is three-fold:

  1. We’re different because we’ve been offering programs online for over 5 years so we’re really good at it.  We’re good at the logistics, we’re good at fostering a safe-space, and we’re good at intentionally creating online experiences that benefit young adults facing cancer.
  2. We’re different because we are still the only organization offering a large variety of online programs proven to improve quality of life metrics in young adults facing cancer.  We continually evaluate our programs, we’ve published our results in the past, and we have over 15 programs currently running.
  3. When most of the other supportive care opportunities move back to in-person, we’ll still be online running a diverse set of life-changing programs for young adults facing cancer.

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