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Don’t Apologize For Having Fun

chronic illness after cancer

I recently ran across this article, written by a young woman who suffers from chronic illness.  Many young adult cancer survivors are left with lasting side effects from their cancer and the treatments involved, including chronic illnesses.  Hiding behind a veil of sickness can sometimes seem easier than attempting to live a full and happy life though, as people start to ask questions when “so many” “carefree” photos of you show up on social media.  How is it, in a time when everyone and their mother is on social media posting the happiest photos of their days, we can still forget that there is more to life?  There is pain, and sadness, and loneliness, and worry that we often hide from the world of social media.

“Someone’s ignorance and unkind judgments had made me feel guilty about enjoying my life to the best of my ability…”

Check out the full article here.  It is a wonderful read.