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I Used To Not Eat Donuts…But Then I Got Cancer

I used to not eat donuts …  I paid attention to the servings of fruits and vegetables that I ate (and still do).  I drank plenty of water (and still do).  I allowed myself to indulge in dessert after dinner… but by dessert, I’m talking a few squares of dark chocolate.  When I’d visit my parents and we’d go to my grandparents’ farm, we’d always pick up donuts on the way to bring along.  I never ate one.

Then…I was diagnosed with cancer.

And you know what?

Donuts taste really really good.

Sometimes you just have to eat what tastes good.  Sometimes you just have to experience life around you.  Sometimes each of our choices aren’t the healthiest but they aren’t going to destroy us either…sometimes you just want to eat a donut.

What are the I used to not eat ___ or the I used to never ___ that have now changed since your diagnosis?

P.S.  Ever try and make donuts yourself?  I really want to try this recipe!