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Easy Self-Care Tip #3

easy self-care tip

Welcome to our new series of easy self-care tips!  If you have an easy self-care tip that works for you, share with us!

Easy Self-Care Tip #3:

You can only choose one thing.

Feeling like you need some space today to relax and rejuvenate but frustrated because you’re not getting any work done?  You can only choose one.  Either push your own needs aside and put your nose to the grind OR take some needed time and space for yourself.  (My two cents:  If you take space for yourself now, I’ve found that I then have more energy for work later on.)  Stressed because you need to pack but feeling sick and unmotivated? (That was me, sick with a sinus infection and pink eye a few weeks ago).  You can only choose one.  Either grab your box of portable tissues and pack those boxes, OR put yourself to bed for some rest and relaxation.

Feeling pulled in two directions only leads to stress, resentment, or guilt once you choose one.  Knowing that, no matter what, you can only choose one thing, lets you off the hook.  Since you can only choose one, think about it, and then choose without any remorse about the loss of the other choice.

When things get tough, what do you choose?