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Easy Self-Care Tip #4: Taking Mental Holidays

Welcome to our new series of easy self-care tips!  If you have an easy self-care tip that works for you, share with us!

Easy Self-Care Tip #4:

Take a mental holiday.

Daylight savings has ended and the clocks have moved back 1 hour.  For me, that is as good an excuse as any to take a mental holiday.  Take today and do something nice for yourself!

I like to pick days every once in a while for a mental holiday.  I work on exactly what I want and nothing more.  I relax in between some loads of laundry.  I cuddle with my two pups.  I basically do exactly what my body is calling for.  Bank holidays are great excuses to take a mental holiday.  What to do though when a bank holiday is no where in sight?  Invent your own 🙂

Do you take a mental holiday from time to time?  What will you do for yourself today?