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Easy Short Hair UpDo

short hair updo

Nothing makes a snazzy event more than a snazzy updo.  But what shall all of the short haired people do???  Look no further!  We offer a no fuss short hair updo!

While we talked a little bit about creating a short hair updo here, we haven’t gone into detail before now.  While we do not have step by step photos, the process is easy and straight forward.  You can piece everything together however you would like!  The main point we’d like to show you, is that even YOU can create a short hair updo yourself 🙂

Just for a reference point…this is a picture of Mallory’s hair length (she is on the left)


For the short hair updo in the top most photo, we started by teasing the crown of Mallory’s hair.  Do this by taking a group of hair just behind your forehead or bangs, lift them vertically, and carefully use a comb or brush to brush down, against the hair.  This will create volume. (This video shows you how).  Once you have your desired volume, smooth the top layer of hair.

Next, we created two, small fishtail braids…one on each side of Mallory’s head.  This helps add a bit of texture to your short hair updo.  Fishtail braids are super simple, even in short hair.  (This video shows how to do your whole head into one fishtail braid..but you get the picture.  I also didn’t use an elastic to hold the initial hair in place.).

Now, by this time, with short hair, you don’t actually have much left to work with.  Grab chunks of what is left, and braid each one (the simple three strand braid), pinning up and to the center when done.  Spray with some hair spray and voila!