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A 2 Step Easy Smokey Eye

easy smokey eye

Don’t you just love a makeup tip that only involves two items, is super easy, and results in a great look?!  (Me too!)  For a young adult cancer survivor, sometimes it is hard to feel like yourself.  I found that when I took care getting myself ready in the morning, I looked better…and felt better.  Sometimes that little bit of eye makeup can really help to brighten up your face, helping you to look more like yourself.

The Beauty Department is a great place for makeup and style tutorials and tips.  This easy smokey eye trick of theirs is great…and it only involves mascara and some smudgeable eyeliner!

easy smokey eye tbd


Draw it on, then smudge it up! So easy!

What do you think?  Have you used this trick before?

P.S.  Are you a young adult cancer survivor or caregiver?  Do you have any makeup, beauty, or style tips that you’d like to share with us?  Email!

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