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Embracing Color

Building an outfit around bright colors (or adding a great pop of one) is another way to boost your mood and feel ready to face a more challenging day (it’s right up there with statement accessories in my book!). Neutrals can look very chic and professional, but I’d argue that brights can, too (I wore a hot pink pencil skirt to interview at my current job). Vibrant hues also do more to cheer you up, and I’d say they can look more intentional. Black pants, white shirt? Just fine, but coordinating the colors of your blouse with your shoes and earrings? It takes a bit more effort (or at least looks that way). And, truly…when you’re wearing bright yellow, I feel it impacts your mood and that of those around you.

Flipping through InStyle or Glamour, hot new color combinations always seem to be featured. Personally, I say go with whatever colors you love and have in your closet! An outfit can be monochromatic (have a shade of blue exist in every part of your look), marked by one big pop of color (enter: shoes, necklace, purse, scarf, tights!), or playful (why not pair yellow and coral? navy and magenta? orange and blue?).

When it comes down to it, I think getting dressed should be fun, and color can be a big part of that. I paired a few similar (currently available) items below with outfits I’ve enjoyed in the past. Here’s to enticing spring to stick around by dressing for it!

photo (32)

photo (34)

photo (33) photo (35)

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