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Embroidered Pictures DIY

Embroidered pictures look like the perfect DIY for young adult cancer survivors (patients, caregivers, you name it!).  When I was going through cancer treatments, I had no idea that awesome, simple, and calm DIY projects even existed.  (I think I was living under a rock?)  🙂  This embroidered pictures DIY has been showing up in a few of the blogs that I frequent and it looks like the perfect, fun project for a young adult survivor to me!

This cool looking DIY involves actually adding embroidered embellishments to pictures and postcards!   Talk about a neat and creative way to spice up some of the pictures in your home or postcards from places you’ve visited!  The process is super straight forward and I’ve seen the project done multiple ways now.  Etsy has an article where they explain how to embroider pictures or postcards and A Beautiful Mess has a great tutorial as well.  The Glamorous Housewife explains how to iron pictures onto fabric and embroider from there.  Get the kids together and go to town!

If you try this project (or any other here on Lacuna Loft) let us know!  We’d love to hear from you!

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