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Ever Have A Really Bad Day?

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Do you ever have really bad days?  You know the kind I’m talking about?  The kind of day where something happens early on that knocks you off balance, then you forget your power cord at home and only figure it out once you’ve commuted to work, then you learn about a recent relapse of a friend’s cancer, then the internet at work sucks and you can barely do your job, then you miss the train heading home and end up arriving late at your next meeting, and on and on and on?

Yea, me too.

What do you do to *fix* these days?

Seriously, chime in.  I have my own ways but everyone has different techniques and creating a list would be so helpful!  I take 30 minutes to myself, take a hot shower, go for a run, or make myself a hot cup of tea.  I also try to be kind to myself while taking that time for myself and trying to reset.  When I’m stressed the whole time worrying whether I’m wasting time…it doesn’t help.

What do you do to fix a day that started off wrong? Fixing bad days is a matter of self-care and we’d love to hear how you show yourself some love.  Let us know!