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Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex And Relationships After Cancer

sex after cancer

Everything you wanted to know about sex and relationships after cancer – Speaker Series!  Join our very own, Awkward Auntie, Dr. Anne Katz for a Speaker Series talk!  Submit questions today!!!

In this open and honest conversation about sex and relationships, Dr. Anne Katz will share the advice she has given to many young adult (YA) cancer survivors during and after treatment for cancer. While YAs usually find their way with dating and new or altered relationships, they often need some support and guidance, or merely an open ear and heart to help them through a challenging time. In this event for Lacuna Loft, Dr. Katz will talk about disclosing your cancer history to a new potential partner, how to deal with scars and missing body parts, and anything else that YOU need to be answered.

While this talk will not be live, you have the opportunity to submit questions!  Then, the recorded talk, featuring our very own Awkward Auntie, Dr. Anne Katz, will go live on Thursday, May 10!

Psst…want to submit a topic for a future Speaker Series?  You can do so here!