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Eye Makeup During Hair Loss

While scarves and wigs can definitely take care of adding that bit of feminine appeal for you when you’re dealing with hair loss, I found them to be cumbersome and hot during the summer.  After a month or so, I quickly ditched the scarves and the blonde wig that I had purchased and walked around hairless.  I experienced eye makeup during hair loss as a magical pick me up and style accessory.  Makeup is a really easy way to dress up your face and add some feminine flair.  One of the easiest pieces of makeup you can use to add that extra bit of vavoom is eyeliner.  As a caregiver and later as a survivor, I know that I needed every bit of vavoom in my step I could get!  🙂

This website shows 7 different and fun ways to play with your eyeliner.  Some of them are fairly dramatic but seriously…you can do what you want!  🙂  What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?  (Mine is the feline flair!)  If you need some extra help getting that perfect, winged look try this easy tape-guide trick!

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