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Finding Balance, Week 6: Chapters 30-35

car crash

Welcome to the comments and discussion of the Young Adult Cancer Book Club! We are reading Finding Balance by Kati Gardner!  Read our participants’ reactions and follow along with us each week as we read through the book! Caution, spoilers below!

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By Anonymous:

I feel like the pace of the book picks up in this section. Jase and Mari spend Halloween together, have another almost-kiss moment, and partake in some cute banter while giving out candy. Jase ignores Lindsay when he realizes he wants to take Mari out on a date. While waiting for Mari at the cafe where Davis works, someone mentions a car accident and Jase has a horrible feeling. He takes off for the intersection, finds Mari’s brother, and drives him to the hospital. He’s on a lot of pain medication and has a broken arm, but to everyone’s relief, is going to be okay. Jase *finally* kisses Mari, and promises not to disappoint her again.

Jase has been reflecting on his cancer journey, and his ability to put it in the past and not have to talk about it to people at school–something Mari can’t do. I have a feeling like something is going to happen with him, like a recurrence, because he’s been having trouble breathing, and there’s a general anxiety in the air to go along with the upcoming gala. Jase says something very true: “Cancer makes all parents worried.”

There has been a fuss made over Mari not getting out of her hospital bed as a “fall risk,” and she feels helpless and confined. Her parents, however, must have been horrified when they realized she was in an accident. Parents worry and it’s horrible to watch their children go through such challenges, and not be able to protect them or prevent the struggle. I think it’s nice that Jase’s mom is trying to raise money for Camp Chemo, even though it stirs up feelings for Jase that he can’t express. I’m looking forward to Mari’s part in the gala and wonder whether the event will cause Jase to change his mind about disclosing his past in an effort to close the lid on that pain. I’ll be rooting for these two to come together as a happy couple.

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