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Finding Purpose: Speaker Series Program Announcement!

young adult cancer speaker

A few days ago we announced our newest program here at Lacuna Loft, Speaker Series!  Now I’m super excited to announce that our first Speaker Series Talk will launch on Wednesday, August 2nd!  Starting on that day, you’ll be able to watch Anjali talk about Finding Purpose!  While the talk won’t be live, we’d love for you to submit your questions!  After reading a little abstract on the talk, fill out the short form at the bottom of this post with all of your questions!  Submit as many as you want and Anjali will do her best to answer them at the end of her talk!

After experiencing young adult cancer, as a survivor or a caregiver, many of us have experienced feeling lost in the Now What? feeling.  After the treatments end, or if there isn’t an end, redefining how to move forward is different for everyone.  What seems to be universal, is needing to develop a new normal because that old one just doesn’t fit quite like it used to!  Anjali went out, in a very systematic fashion, to redefine what purpose meant for her.  Are you searching for purpose again?  Are you trying to find your way after young adult cancer in a world that seems a little different than before?  Then check out this talk!

In June 2016, Anjali set out on a mission to find more meaning in her work. She set a personal mission to meet 365 people in a year to see where the journey would lead her. The secret hope was that by June 2017, she would be doing work that meant something to her, with a team of amazing people, and a great boss. In this speaker series, Anjali shares the ideas, feelings, and framework she used to get from confusion to a passion.