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Flashback #1: 10 Things About Cancer in Your 20s

cancer in your 20s

To celebrate our 2-year anniversary of being a nonprofit, Lacuna Loft is bringing back our top 31 articles from our archives!  The countdown to our top post is continuing today with our long awaited, top post, Flashback #1: 10 Things About Cancer in Your 20s, written by Cecilia. These 31 articles are the best of the best and we’re very happy to share them with you again!

….Let me start this off by saying that I read a LOT of Buzzfeed, which means I often think of things in lists. So when brainstorming my next blog post, I figured, I may as well post a list!

There is so much that changes in your life when you get cancer, regardless of age; but when you are diagnosed with cancer in your 20s, there is a whole set of other issues, scenarios, and such that you will encounter. Keep in mind, this list is based solely off of my own experiences & experiences I have heard of from fellow young cancer fighters. Also, I believe laughter is an incredibly healthy release, so while some of these will be serious, many will have a sense of humor behind them. I would LOVE to develop this list as well, so feel free to comment with your own experiences & your own items that you think should be on the list!…..…


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