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Flashback #23: Interview With Cancer Survivor Jenn!

breast cancer survivor

To celebrate our 2-year anniversary of being a nonprofit, Lacuna Loft is bringing back our top 31 articles from our archives!  This is Flashback #23: Interview With Cancer Survivor Jenn! was an interview with Jenn. These 31 articles are the best of the best and we’re very happy to share them with you again!  The countdown continues tomorrow!

….Lacuna Loft: What was your biggest parenting challenge during cancer treatment and into survivorship?

Jenn: I lost my job during treatment so I used the opportunity to volunteer at their schools and participate as team mom for the sports they played. Yea, I was the bald mom at football practice and in art class but I used it as a teaching moment for all the kids. Some asked to see my head without my hat or scarf and I happily obliged. I wanted my kids to know that no matter what I’d still be their mom and I’d always be there for them. The toughest part though was when another child told one of mine that I was probably going to die. I had to do a lot of damage control, I certainly couldn’t predict the future but I couldn’t have my kids living in fear either. I always tell them (still to this day) I’m fine right now….


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