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Flashback #28: Today I Think Of Her

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To celebrate our 2-year anniversary of being a nonprofit, Lacuna Loft is bringing back our top 31 articles from our archives!  This is Flashback #28: Today I Think Of Her was written by Mallory. These 31 articles are the best of the best and we’re very happy to share them with you again!  The countdown continues next week!

…There are two days every year when I write about my mother, on her birthday and wedding anniversary, and on the day that she died.  So many things have happened since she left.  I often think that I need to call her only to remember that I cannot do that right now.  Such is life after death.

Before my mother died, my family had very few conversations about her last wishes.  I ended up writing her obituary because I like to write and it felt like the thing to do.  We planned a memorial service instead of a funeral because that also seemed like what she might have wanted.  What about her belongings?  What about the who to invite and what we should say?…


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