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Free Printable Coloring Pages = Free & Creative Things To Do

When I was going through treatments, I rekindled a love for coloring.  In the treatment area, volunteers sometimes came around with craft/coloring/drawing supplies.  One day I took a coloring page and some colored pencils, and I was hooked 🙂  I spent hours at home and at treatments coloring.  I even watched videos online and learned to shade and blend different colors 🙂  My favorite colored pencils are the Prismacolor colored pencils.  You can find them here.*  They are awesome and let you really blend and shade the colors

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Today we are sharing some great online sources for free printable coloring pages.  You can find anything to color… from astronauts to plants and animals to presidents to disney characters.  This is great for the young adults facing long term illness or cancer as well as the kiddos!  Whether you are caregiving for a kiddo with cancer or you are going through cancer and need something for the little ones to do, look no further!


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You can find great coloring pages here, here, here, and here!

Are there any other cool places to find coloring pages?  Any other activities that you like to entertain kiddies with or entertain yourself?


*while some links are affiliate, all ideas and opinions are those of the author