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Free, Printable Puzzles To Take Anywhere!

Chemotherapy areas, as well as doctors offices and waiting rooms, are often tight spaces.  You bring everything with you in a bag and as soon as your name is called or it is time to go, whatever you have taken out of your bag needs to be quickly grabbed and put away.  Everyone seems to have a preference for what activities they like to bring with them to pass the time in the doctor’s office.  Books are a great thing to stash away for these occasions…you can pull out your current story and quickly reintegrate into your favorite foreign land or fantasy world.  Sometimes though, the environment you are in may make it difficult to concentrate on reading….I found it almost impossible to read while sitting in a chemo chair for 6-8 hours.  There were just too many people chatting or coming and going to concentrate.  When I discovered that I basically couldn’t read while going from appointment to appointment, I felt instantly annoyed…and bored!

That is when I found puzzles 🙂  Free printable puzzles are wonderfully inviting and fun when needing to go from a scan, to the doctor’s office, to the lab where they draw blood, and then over to the chemo area!  The more challenging logic puzzles I needed to save for a day when no one would interrupt me with questions once I had something complicated about the puzzle finally sorted in my mind, but the simpler logic puzzles and sudoku were always my favorite.  A digital version of scrabble was always fun to play with the person along with me for the appointment too.

Well here at Lacuna Loft, we want to help you take back control over your free time…even if the 8 hours of free time that you have today are spent in a chemo chair or supporting someone else at a round of chemo. 😉  Online there are a number of websites that allow you to print free puzzles!  You can try sudokulogic puzzles, crossword puzzles, or word search puzzles!  Click on the links, print a puzzle or 2 or 3, and take them wherever you’re going to help pass the time and have some fun 🙂  because today….today is a great day to have a little bit of fun no matter where you are!

Friends and family!  Print a couple of free printable puzzles for someone you know going through chemo or caregiving for a loved one with an illness.  You never know when your little gift will be exactly what they needed!  🙂