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Fresh Ink: Freedom Is A Place Inside Me

We are proud to share the work of our Cactus Cancer Society community writers here on our blog, including this piece, which is part of a series entitled Fresh Ink.

We value the voices of our community members and would love to share your words. If you would like to contribute to our blog here at Cactus Cancer Society, please email 

“Courage,” by Adrienne Courtois

Courage is in everyone’s hearts. 

Courage likes to dance with her friends. 

Courage lives at home with a patio right outside. 

Courage is related to love, hope, and strength. 

Courage is friends with humility, honor and family. 

Courage looks like a free open sky waiting to be captured. 

Courage and I fought cancer together. 

Courage doesn’t shame anyone. 

I tell courage to hear me roar.

Courage tells me to be brave. 

Courage wants me to say I am beautiful. 

Courage is my hero. 

Adrienne “ADawg” Courtois is a soft tissue sarcoma born and raised in Saint Louis, MO. She is an artist, poet, dancer and thriver and survivor through and through. Adrienne is a Saint Louis University graduate and cancer research undergraduate student in physics!