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Fresh Ink: The Jellyfish

The images of blue jellyfish stand out against black watery background.

In Unspoken Ink, one of our most popular programs here at Cactus Cancer Society, our participants write in response to prompts, ranging from pictures to quotes to poetry. We are proud to share the work of our writers here on our blog, including this piece, which is part of a series entitled Fresh Ink.

We value the voices of our community members and would love to share your words. If you would like to contribute to our blog here at Cactus Cancer Society, please email 

The Jellyfish by Katey Girard

Please ebb and flow around me

Like Sunday afternoon traffic

Like there’s nothing to do

And so much time to do it in.


Don’t see me as an other

Don’t notice the ways my tentacles stretch beside me

Or that my organs don’t

Glow the way they used to.

Please. I’m not a pretender.

I’m not an intrusion.

I’m not some small and delicate membrane.

I can sting too, but not the way you do.

Please, push past me.

Let your fingertips skate over skin in passing, without biting

I am fluid.

I am the spaces between jellyfish

The warm water where they cluster

The hollow in your heart where something holy once was.

Katey Girard has so far survived breast cancer and teaching high school English for 10 years. She lives in Missouri with her husband and two adorable cats. You can find her on Instagram at @kgirardreads.