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From Drug Development to Implementation: Where Your Treatment Came From

A woman a medium complexion opens her mouth slightly to take a large white pill.

Many cancer patients can rattle off the names of their treatment and maintenance medications without a second thought. There’s adriamycin, taxol, vincristine, methotrexate, and the list goes on and on. Some are tried and true chemotherapy drugs that have been around for years, others are considered breakthroughs in treatment. 

But the road from drug development to patient use is long – and many of us never give a second thought to how these treatments are invented, tested, and implemented. 

For information on how these drugs are made, check out this podcast episode from the Patients Rising Podcast. Hosts Terry Wilcox, Dr. Robert Goldberg, and Kate Pecora will explain how these powerful and life-saving medications are invented, and how modern-day issues such as policy changes can present challenges in getting these medications to patients.

Listen and learn more here!

Have you ever been involved in drug testing by way of clinical trials? Do you consider yourself an advocate for drug development and research? Share with us below!