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Get Into The Mood… For Murder

A white ceramic bust lays sideways on a white plinth against a black background.

Is it just me, or is it getting spooky around here? Our Murder Mystery Party is just a week away! But you don’t have to wait to summon up the spirit of ghosts, goblins, and murderers – here are three ways you can get prepare yourself for an epically scary party.

Watch a murder mystery movie. 

If you’re into a good whodunnit comedy, watch Clue (1985). There are few things better than the physical comedy of Tim Curry and classic lines like “flames, on the side of my face!” There’s also a new stage adaptation of the same name that lots of local theatres are producing this month. 

Another great choice is Knives Out (2019). The star-studded cast provides plenty of quirky and mysterious characters – and Chris Evans wears a fisherman’s sweater like no other.

Read a murder mystery or thriller.

You can’t go wrong with a mystery by Agatha Christie, who wrote over 66 detective novels and has a great deal of humor woven into her tales. Murder on the Orient Express has been adapted into plays and movies, and the book still holds up nearly 90 years later. 

If you’re looking for a more modern thriller, novels like Gone Girl, My Sister the Serial Killer, The Guest List, and All the Missing Girls provide a great fix. 

Seen too many of these and want a funny movie about thriller tropes? Check out ​​The Woman In The House Across the Street From The Girl in the Window on Netflix, which parodies all the thriller trappings we know and love. 

Grab your limited edition Cactus Cancer Society Merch.

Celebrate making it past your close call with “I Survived the Cactus Cancer Society Murders And All I Got Was This Lousy Tshirt” and other great choices in the Cactus Cancer Society merch store! There are other limited edition designs perfect for bags, hoodies, and more. 

Whether you are a Halloween Stan or spooky season skeptic, there’s something for everyone to embrace the spine-tingling excitement before our big event! Haven’t grabbed your tickets yet? What are you waiting for! Grab your spot or sponsor a seat for a survivor here and get ready to join us on Thursday, October 27th at 5 pm PT / 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET for a 2-hour Murder Mystery Party.