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Spread On Some Of That Ginger Jam

The other day I was eating out with a new friend of mine.  The toast that came with my omelet had a side of the loveliest ginger jam I’d ever tasted.  It had that wonderful ginger spice but was also smooth and sweet.  It made me think back to my days of guzzling Diet Ginger Ale and how awesome having some of this ginger jam would have been!

Ginger jam seems like another great way to add a bit of ginger into your diet.  A great natural trick for helping a queasy stomach, that ginger spice is found in so many things from drinks to cookies.  Before trying this ginger jam, I’d never had ginger this way.  Recently, Lacuna Loft added ginger to ice cream (it was delicious!) and everyone has had a ginger snap or two in their day.  But ginger jam?  Delectable!

Searching around I found two different recipes…one from Livestrong and another from All Recipes.  I think this is definitely something I’ll have to try this fall.

Have you tasted ginger jam before?  Ever made some ginger jam at home?  What are your favorite ginger treats?  We’d love to know what recipes you love!