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Grab A Sephora Brave Beauty Kit

Black woman gazing upward wearing a head scarf

Cactus Cancer Society (formerly Lacuna Loft) has received 200 Brave Beauty kits from Sephora and we are so excited to share them with you.  These kits include a whole host of fabulous products, curated with young adult cancer and the effects it has on our skin and appearance in mind!  Sephora has also developed an online series of tutorials which you can access using the link below.

About Brave Beauty:  At Sephora, we stand with those facing major life transitions. Sephora’s Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer Classes for Confidence were designed to help others address the visible effects of cancer treatment.  From skincare tips to step-by-step instructions on how to create a radiant complexion or re-build the appearance of brows and lashes lost from chemo or radiation.

How does it work:  If you’re a young adult cancer survivor, between the ages of 18-45, sign up below and then post a picture of something you do for self-care or how you remind yourself that you are beautiful to Instagram.  Tag us in your post on Instagram @cactuscancer (you can use other platforms too but Instagram is the one you must use to receive a kit) and use the hashtag #CactusBrave.  Then we’ll get your Brave Beauty kit in the mail!

You can access the online video tutorial series here.