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Grab Out of Season Merch in Our Attic Sale!

It’s a bummer to miss out on a great opportunity. Those folks who passed on making the first Star Wars movie? Kicking themselves. L. Frank Baum kept a journal of the times his book was rejected – and now, nearly the entire world knows The Wizard of Oz by name!

We here at Cactus Cancer Society believe in second chances. And that’s why we are giving you a great one with our Attic Sale!

For the month of July, we are putting all our merch designs in our online shop so you can grab your favorites. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in July looks, Halloween on your summer holiday, or our ever-green “Prickly and Resilient” design – we’ve got you covered. But don’t wait! This sale will come to an end on the 31st at midnight. Add to cart and checkout while you can!