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Granting Permission

woman in hoodie

Written by Kayla Fulginiti, the Director of Programs for the Dear Jack Foundation, this piece is just what we needed in the middle of a pandemic.

As I peruse social media or the internet these days (as one often does while their 4-year-old asks for his 10th snack of the day), I have seen so many articles and posts about how to take advantage of this time we’re being given.  Start a new hobby!  Create a new business!  Train for a marathon!  Teach your toddler the quadratic equation!  I don’t know about anyone else, but this makes me feel intense anxiety that I’m not “doing enough” during this time we have.  Just today, I stood looking in the mirror and became overwhelmed that this will end at some point and what will I have to “show” for it.  And while this could be incredibly motivating to stay busy and the best coping strategy for some, I want to acknowledge those of us that don’t cope in this way.  I’m here to meet you in the feelings of uncertainty, perhaps with both of us wearing an outfit that’s four days old.

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