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Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation with Elephants and Tea

yoga nidra

Over at Elephants and Tea, Angie Giallourakis (aka Momma G) will be leading four, guided yoga nidra meditation classes!  Each class will start at 3:30 pm PT / 5:30 pm CT / 6:30 pm ET every other Sunday starting on July 26th.  If you’d like to just join one class or join all four the choice is yours!

Sign up below to join Momma G! We look forward to seeing you! You will receive a confirmation email upon registering.

Session One: The Compassionate Heart and Your Thirty Trillion Cells – July 26th

Session Two: The Waterfall – August 9th

Session Three: Visualize Your Inner Strength – August 23rd

Session Four: Love Yourself – September 6th

Note: Each session will be approximately one hour. The session includes discussion following the group meditation for anyone interested.

To sign up, go here!