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Hair Styling

I am not good with hair and—especially on a busy, not so good day—it is the first thing to drop out of my ‘style equation’ when I’m short on time or energy. I’ll spray with dry shampoo and throw it into a pony tail, twist it into a wet bun straight out of the shower, blow dry and not bother to straighten. I’m not saying these choices always leave me feeling my most professional, pulled together self, but I think having some go-to hair accessories certainly helps. I am all for a sparkly headband, a bejeweled barrette, a high sock bun to elevate not-so-perfect hair.

Anthropologie is my absolute favorite spot for hair accessories (I just nabbed this and this with my birthday discount), and I’m guilty of wearing a beaded gold headband from there very regularly (I’ll admit that I think they’re on the pricey side, but the cost-per-wear on mine is down to about zilch). ModCloth also has a pretty stunning collection. Target is upping their headband game, and sometimes you can find unique ones in rather surprising places (CVS & Walgreens, I’m looking at you).

I should say that I think head scarves/wraps that one may choose to wear because of hair loss due to chemo deserve their own post (and I would not be the best one to write it as I have no experience selecting them), but I am loving this turban from Anthro and this etsy shop’s many prints/styles.

Especially with summer approaching, here’s to finding ways to elevate easy, lazy hairstyles!

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My friend Cait inspired this post by sharing that she often went for easy up-dos & head scarves/head bands when her mother was going through cancer treatments to help herself feel pulled together while getting her hair out of the way. Thanks, Cait!