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Have A Happy Holidays

Today is our last day of 2016 posting in the Young Adult Voices blog.  2016 has been a very exciting year for Lacuna Loft.  We launched a number of programs, we grew our participant base significantly, we spoke with a number of healthcare providers about the age-appropriate needs of young adult cancer survivors and caregivers, we had 2 different book clubs and 2 sessions of the unspoken ink: young adult cancer creative writing group and 2 creative workshops, many new contributors, and so much more.

2017 holds so much in store.  We’ll have a new creative workshop announced in January and the Young Adult Cancer Hangouts are starting.  We’re growing our programs, growing our support base, and growing our reach.  We are really excited for what is to come.  We’re excited to learn more of your stories, excited to meet more of you in our online programs, and excited to expand Lacuna Loft’s support programs to meet the needs of more and more young adult cancer survivors and caregivers.

From all of us, here at Lacuna Loft, have a very happy holidays.  Stay warm and dry and safe.  Remember that you are valued and that we will miss you until we’re back in January.