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Have An Exceptional Weekend

I am super excited about a book club evening I’m having with a few new friends this weekend.  We read The Girl with all the Gifts.  The story was fun but the writing style wasn’t my favorite.  Have you read any good books lately?  Are you excited about Lacuna Loft’s next Young Adult Cancer book club?  We’ll be announcing the book next week!

One more thing:  Important decisions about healthcare in the US are being made soon.  Today, tell Congress that you need your health care! The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship has developed a tip sheet and a sample script to make it super easy.  Do this today!  Today, today, today!  Go here for that sample script and for help in finding out who to contact.  If you make a few calls, let us know!  We’ll send you a thank you from us, at Lacuna Loft!  For more information and an update on the Affordable Care Act, go here.

Here are some exceptional weekend links from around the interwebs…

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Have an exceptional weekend Lacuna Lofties!