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Have You Checked Out The Scar Stories Book?

Scar Stories book

A really great Aussie organization, Scar Stories, has just added a United States shipping option to their online shop!  What started as one photo of Jasmine, the founder of Scar Stories, and her cancer scar has grown into a young adult cancer advocacy organization.  Through their initiatives, Scar Stories shows that physical scars can be seen in a new and empowering light.  The book funds the many awesome programs that Scar Stories has, including Rock Scars (where rock stars pose in photo shoots with young adult cancer survivors), Creative Programs (an art program allowing young adult cancer patients and survivors to access free art, music, and photography classes and workshops), ScarreDecks (helping young people with gnarly scars feel empowered by their bodies), and more.

This is the new face of young adult cancer advocacy.  Scar Stories truly embodies the need to show all sides of cancer while empowering and enlivening survivors along the way.  Jasmine was the first young adult cancer survivor whom I ever spoke with.  Her Aussie accent made me feel instantly comfortable and the amount of things that we had in common, even from across the world, were innumerable.  Speaking with her made me realize how much I needed to have other young adult cancer survivors in my life, how much I needed to know their stories and their lives, and how similar our external and internal scars are.

A little bit about the book…

Jasmine Gailer, founder of Scar Stories, and Kylie Cobb, Marketing and Design Director, have worked tirelessly to design a ‘coffee table’-style book that shows the incredible talent of the photographers who have been involved, and the true beauty of the cancer patients and survivors who have courageously made their scars and stories public.

Some of the images may shock you. Some may bring you to tears. Hopefully, ultimately you will be inspired by the tenacity and courage of these young (and young at heart) people. …they have fought for their lives and by sharing their scars through photographs and stories, have gained a new perspective on life and their journey, seeing their scars in a new light – one that is empowering and beautiful.

“We believe this book will change some people’s lives, perspectives, or at the very least raise some public awareness about what it means to be scarred,” said Jasmine.

Looking for a cool coffee table book that is honest and raw in its betrayal of young adult cancer survivors and their scars?  Look no further!  Check out Scar Stories’s online shop today and grab yourself a copy of their inaugural Scar Stories book!

Fine Print:  Lacuna Loft receives no commission on sales of the Scar Stories book.  Young Adult Cancer advocacy organizations stick together!