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Heading Back To Work After Young Adult Cancer

Heading back to work after young adult cancer can be complicated, exhausting, frustrating, wonderful, exhilarating…or all of these things, all at once!  While I definitely had trouble with an un-compassionate working environment, some people reintegrate into their past working environment with no hiccups at all.

Did you know though, that there is a great organization with the mission of helping people going back to work after cancer?  They are called Cancer and Careers!  The head of the organization is a soft spoken, lovely woman named Kate.  She has helped build an awesome organization, offering so many resources for working people with cancer.

They have a section of their website dedicated to when you’re looking for work.  Cancer and Careers will review your resume, help you with the job hunt, and even help you through mock interviews.  If you’re at work during cancer, Cancer and Careers helps you create an action plan, offers tips on sharing the news with coworkers, manage symptoms, and more.  If you’re a coworker with someone with cancer, there are resources on the site for you too!  So many resources in one place!

Heading back to work after young adult cancer can definitely be a daunting prospect, but Cancer and Careers is there to help!

Have you heard of Cancer and Careers?  Are you thinking of heading back to work after young adult cancer or are you working with cancer now?  What was your experience like?