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Help End Surprise Billing

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Here at Lacuna Loft, we find it extremely important to let you know when something comes across our radar which impacts you and other young adult cancer survivors like you.  Today is one of those days!  We just learned of this advocacy opportunity from LLS and needed to share!  Take action TODAY!

If you’ve ever received a medical bill that you weren’t expecting, you probably felt confused, worried – maybe even angry. And you’re not alone.

Surprise billing has become widespread and can have a huge impact on cancer patients and their families. It’s what happens when a patient who has insurance visits an in-network provider or facility, thinking they’re covered. But at some point during the visit, they see a doctor or get a lab test that is out-of-network – without even knowing it.

Then, weeks later, they get the bill – and it can total thousands of dollars that they weren’t expecting to pay for the care they received.

Surprise billing can be financially devastating. It is absolutely crucial that lawmakers take action to protect patients.

Right now, Congress is considering legislation that would protect patients from surprise medical bills without increasing their costs. Call your representative right now and tell them to stand with cancer patients and put an end to surprise billing: Dial 1-844-906-0789 for more information and to be connected to your representative’s office.

Cancer patients have enough on their plate without having to worry about unexpected medical bills. Congress needs to end surprise billing to protect patients, no matter where they live or what plan they have.

There is strong bipartisan support for a solution to surprise billing – and this is a key moment. As congressional committees are debating legislation next week, we need them to hear from you that you expect them to get this done.

Your member of Congress needs to hear from you: It’s time to put an end to surprise medical billing that can financially devastate cancer patients.
Call 1-844-906-0789 now.