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Holiday Pie!

holiday baking pie

For me, the holidays has always been marked by pies.  Different types, different crusts, different fillings but oh so any pies!  For Thanksgiving, a friend and I decided to take the plunge and make pie for the first time.  We found a mixture of family and famous-chef recipes and went to town!  We had such a fun time 🙂  Working together and making a whole afternoon of pie baking was a fabulous way to embrace a holiday tradition of mine while helping transform it into a new and joyful experience.

My favorite famous-chef recipe that we used was this one for a wonderfully yummy apple pie.  I couldn’t find the Northern Spy apples that the recipe called for so I used Golden Delicious.  Otherwise, I followed the recipe to the letter so I won’t bore you with my step-by-steps (just go to the recipe link!) but I’ll show you some of the awesome pictures from our afternoon of pie baking 🙂

You’ll notice two different top crusts on the apple pie…we did two different baking rounds and decided to try and get fancy the second time.  Using a simple snowflake cookie cutter, we rolled out the top crust as normal but then punched out snowflake shapes of the crust and laid them out on the top of the pie!









pie_4Yum!  Do you have any holiday baking traditions?  Are you baking anything delicious this holidays season?