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How To Meet Young Adult Cancer Survivors

how to meet young adult cancer survivors

Have you been looking for an easy way to meet other young adult cancer survivors?  Have you looked around the infusion room or your local support group and thought, “wow…I am SO young compared to the rest of these people!”  Yea…me too.

That’s where Lacuna Loft’s YAC (Young Adult Cancer) Hangouts come into play!  Instead of a stuffy support group filled with people twice your age, hang out online via video chat with other young adults dealing with cancer.  You know that stuff your ‘healthy’ peers don’t understand because they’ve never faced cancer?  The young adult cancer survivors at our hangouts totally get it.  They get the fatigue, the worry about fertility, the stress on financials, and everything else that young adult cancer brings into your life.

Join us a few times each month for a YAC Hangout!  RSVP below and we’ll let you know exactly when we’re hanging out and how to join the video chat.  Can’t wait to meet you!

Plus, there’s a hangout tomorrow night (Wednesday, July 19) at 5:30 pm PT / 8:30 pm ET!