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How To Navigate Being Single And Infertile

a smiling cancer surviovr

Megs is a strong and courageous warrior who has shared several of her stories with us.  This is a segment of one of her latest pieces where she discusses navigating being single and infertile after young adult cancer.

…I never had the discussion nor was counseled about fertility preservation. What is a single 39-year-old with no prospects supposed to do when the oncologist says you need 16 rounds of chemo and then asks if you want to freeze your eggs in the same breath?

For me, I felt an insane amount of pressure and fear because I just wanted the cancer out of me. Once I was told I needed chemo asap because my tumor was growing aggressively, I couldn’t focus on anything else. How could I even think about freezing my eggs when I didn’t know if I was going to live or die?…

You can read the rest of her beautiful piece here.