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If Life Is A Bingo Game

bingo head

If life is a bingo game, I wish the bingo caller would stop calling out the angry ball.

I’m angry at the way the world is working.

I’m angry at myself for a million reasons.

I’m angry that I get so angry at myself.

I’m angry that I’ve wasted time on that anger.

I’m angry for expressing my anger, when it seems like there should and could have been another avenue for me to drive down.

I would love to wake up, splash water on my face, make myself a pot of coffee and feel delighted. When’s the last time you heard someone say “I’m delighted”? That would be delightful; an earnest contentment that sounds effortless but seems like so much hard work to achieve on most days. I would love to meet someone and be in awe of them and as they walk away, think out loud to myself “they are just a delight”.

If life is a bingo game and it feels like the bingo caller is calling out “miserable” all the time, maybe it is time to quit that job.

I would love to win a bingo game just once. The momentary rush of excitement. Quickly exclaiming BINGO!!! before someone beats me to it. Holy shit, that would just be a delight.

– Steve Heaviside

How would you respond to the writing prompt, the bingo emotions?

This writing comes directly from one of our participants in our Unspoken Ink Creative Writing Group for young adult cancer survivors.  The participants met for 2 hours each week, for 8 weeks during our Spring 2020 session.  This writing has not been edited since its original creation, showing the wonderfully raw and powerful prose coming from the courageous writing group participants each week.  If you’d like to sign up for future sessions, please email or sign up on our interest form.