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Survivorship: A Journey Forward

When I entered the stage we call “survivorship” I was having trouble figuring out what was next. How soon will I feel better? Do I go back to work? When is my next PET scan? Will my cancer grow back? When will I be able to eat normally again? These, and many other questions, clouded my brain. I found that the “quotes” section of Pinterest was a good source for inspiration to keep my mind at peace.

As simple as it sounds, I learned a few things about moving forward from these quotes. One particular important piece of knowledge I gained was that you must take things one step at a time. Figuring out “what’s next” on your journey is difficult! When it feels like things are completely overwhelming, remember that continuing forward starts with a single step. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Celebrate the little victories. Always remember that you are brave. You are a survivor. And you will get through this.

Here are some of my favorite images I’ve found that bring me peace on my journey. Feel free to follow my Pinterest board for more – and create your own board to inspire your journey forward!







Do you have any favorite sources of inspiration?  Do you have any favorite places to find inspirational quotes?  Share them with us!  For other posts we’ve shared on inspirational quotes go here

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