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It’s My Birthday!

young adult cancer milestones

Have I ever told you all that Birthdays are basically my very favorite?  I absolutely adore birthdays.  I like celebrating other people’s birthdays and I really love celebrating my own 🙂  My mother used to say that there was an alternative to birthdays.  That has always stuck out to me as a good perspective to have about most things.

Feeling down about getting older?  But…You’re Alive!

Feeling down about not getting that promotion?  But…You’re Alive!

Stressed about moving?  (Yea…moving sucks!)  But…You’re Alive!

So, yea.  I love birthdays.  To me, it has become another life milestone that feels even more significant after young adult cancer.  Everyone has these milestones that they pay attention to after young adult cancer, right?  My other favorite one is my biopsiversary.  What young adult cancer milestones do you celebrate?