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Keynote Speaker At The Moon Walk Gala

moon walk gala

At Lacuna Loft’s Moon Walk Gala a few weeks ago, one of our Board of Directors members, Aerial Donovan, gave the keynote speech.  Aerial took a huge role in planning the event and has given so much to Lacuna Loft over the past year.  Along with helping plan the Gala, Aerial has run many of our Creative Art Workshops and is now working behind the scenes to help plan and facilitate them.  Lacuna Loft is so much better because Aerial is a part of our community.  Below is a reaction to being the Keynote Speaker that Aerial wrote for Gryt Health’s blog:

…This is why Lacuna Loft’s in-person event was so special. The face of your typical support group is changing. The reach of these online organizations, such as Lacuna Loft, GRYT HealthHopelab (an organization that has an awesome mindfulness chatbot for young adult cancer survivors) is growing. So is the voice of the community of young adult survivors and caregivers. It’s gotten louder. We’ve thrown out the limitations of a brick and mortar building and have no intention of going back. Which made this in person event so much more than a stiff and boring fundraiser.

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