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Lacuna Loft Is Going To CancerCon!

I’m leaving later this week to represent Lacuna Loft at CancerCon!  The event is hosted by Stupid Cancer (a super cool organization that you should definitely learn more about if you haven’t heard of them yet) and will be in Denver, CO this year.

In their own words…


I’ve already received my super awesome CancerCon luggage tag in the mail and I’m ready to talk Young Adult Cancer for a few, wonderful days.  One of the missions of Lacuna Loft is to help spread the news about Young Adult Cancer…about how we are different than other cancer age groups, and that with age-appropriate needs comes the necessity of age-appropriate care.  By meeting other great organizations and young adult cancer survivors, we can help share our own message of Lacuna Loft but we can also figure out how best to provide resources.

Stay tuned on our social media channels!  I’ll be tweeting and instagraming galore as the festivities go on!

Are you headed to CancerCon?  Let me know!  I’d love to meet you in person!

P.S. Our spell-check thinks that tweeting is a word but instagraming isn’t! HAHA