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Impact Numbers (July 2015 – June 2016)

lacuna loft impact

Without *you* there is no Lacuna Loft.

Today is all about *you*!  Today we spend thanking *you*!  Below, we share some of the impact numbers on the young adult cancer community that *you* made happen.  Lacuna Loft’s first year as a nonprofit has been amazing…all thanks to *you*!

*You* made Lacuna Loft’s impact possible through your donations, your contributions, and your participation.  *You* are making the lives of young adult cancer survivors and caregivers better, more manageable, and less lonely.  *You* are connecting these young adult survivors and caregivers to one another when they really need someone who understands.  *You* are sharing stories, ending isolation, and forming a community where a community has been deeply needed.  *You* are all of the lively and peppy and bold and courageous and loving adjectives that we share each week.

*You* are a rockstar!  Thank *you*!

lacuna loft impact

Our full annual report will go up on our website soon.  We’ll point you to it as soon as it’s there.  Some changes will also be happening on the site so that *your* impact on the young adult cancer world is always available, front and center, for ALL to see.

*Together* we are making this a better world for young adult cancer survivors and caregivers.  Lacuna Loft Impact is *your* impact.