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Launch Day!


It is my pleasure to announce that the Lacuna Loft launch is today!  While the site and blog have slowly been growing and changing over the past few months, today is the day when everything really begins.  The shop is open and ready for business and the blog will begin to see daily (Monday – Friday) content from a variety of people with a variety of voices.

The shop has limited availability right now while we see what works.  New products and more supplies will fill our shop in the coming weeks.  The kits are designed to meet the needs of cancer patients + caregivers, and their loved ones while the blog is there for young adults facing cancer or long term illness as either patients or caregivers, and their support system.

We would LOVE your feedback!  If you like what you see, let us know!  If you think something would be good here but you don’t see it, let us know that too!  Thoughts about the shop?  Tell us!  🙂  All feedback is welcome and appreciated.  Just send us a note at info(at)lacunaloft(dot)com !

This small company has been a labor of love over the past few months and I am really excited to see where it takes us all.

With love,

Mallory, Founder & CEO – Lacuna Loft


P.S.  Here is our fine print!

You may link to any content and/or photos found on LacunaLoft.  Please provide a link back to where you found them so that credit is given where credit is due.  Under no circumstances may text be copied and reposted unless you have permission to do so.

Please understand that while the resources and kits sold here are intended for those undergoing chemotherapy and their loved ones, the authors of this blog (unless specifically stated as otherwise) are not medical professionals.  All information and advice given here is anecdotal.  The products discussed and sold here were helpful to the founder while she helped to caregive for her mother and while she underwent her own chemo treatments.  The resources found here were ones that the founder lacked while she experienced her own Young Adult crisis.  Please do not replace actual medical attention with the information found here.