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A Life Manifesto

Adapting to life as a young adult cancer survivor is not easy.  The cries of do what you love and make every moment count can really be difficult to connect to when you’re not feeling well or still actively adjusting to your life post-cancer.  With this in mind, sometimes it is nice to have something to strive for…even if you need to acknowledge that there will be stepping stones along the way instead of giant leaps of progress.

A year ago, I found this awesome manifesto from Holstee in a Seattle, WA shop.  I wanted it so badly but flying back across the country with a huge poster didn’t seem like the most logical thing to do.  The words of this manifesto resonated so deeply with me though…I was just about to leave graduate school and start Lacuna Loft.  I had a dream of a wonderful community where survivors, just like me, could come and learn to slow down yet still thrive in this new world.

A few months later, I received the life manifesto print for a gift.  It is now hanging in the Lacuna Loft offices.

What kind of life manifesto do you live by?  Did you know that Stupid Cancer has a manifesto too…you should check it out 🙂

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“This is your life.  Do what you love, and do it often.”