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Loch, A Love Letter To Water

woman staring at lake in mist

Lacuna Loft’s Journaling program sends a journal prompt directly to your inbox.  Participants are encouraged to write for a specific amount of time (usually between 7-12 minutes) and are always invited to submit their writing for publication here.  This piece was written by Tori T. in response to the prompt: Write a love letter to water.

I’ve been waiting to meet you wildness;

I sought you,

On long and stormy nights.

I clung to your rocky shores,

Waiting for your pull to drag me under.

But instead your landscape drove me,

To a land of contradictions.

One of rugged mountains,

gouged out canyons,

covered in the softest grass and freshest air.

A swirl of mist fog,

And icy dredges.

Darkest waters,

Greenest pastures,

Pillows of heather,

Giant granite boulders standing tall.

Amongst these rivals,

I felt claimed by all.

by Tori T.

This was a written submission from Lacuna Loft’s weekly Journal Prompt Program.  Sign up to get on the list, receive weekly journal prompts in your inbox, and submit your own piece of writing to us by emailing!