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Make Peace, Not War (with your body)

Each week we are be exploring a restorative yoga pose or breathing technique with images/video and tips.  Check in at Lacuna Loft on Wednesdays to anchor your week with peace, grounding + community (and don’t forget to join the dialogue all week long by posting comments).  Excited to journey together!

Restor(y)ing Mind+Body+Soul (pt. 4)

One day during my sophomore year of high school I woke up with hips.  These new thigh-toppers started running into sides of counters and hurting worse than a funny bone.  They increased my pant size (yes, low waist/hip-huggers were newly in style).  My top half never caught up.  I categorized these woman things, my hips, and myself, as bottom-heavy.  Pear shaped.  Unsightly.  There was not much I could do – but I did spend a lot of time wearing skits to attempt to hide them away. 

For years, my self image was so wrapped around my hips that I missed out on enjoying the movement, expression, and abilities of my body.  I can run!  I can play!  I can hug and eat and sleep!  So much of the ‘health’ and fitness culture myopically focuses on an ‘ideal’ shape, a goal.  Besides sending us on a rat race against our bodies to seek some elusive end joy (as if by practicing discontentment we can somehow arrive at contentment!)… we are missing out on EVERYTHING in the process.  Especially the chance to learn to love ourselves, our whole selves.  Body.  Mind.  Emotion.  Soul.

While this pose will not heal every unloving thought you’ve had against your body in one go, it is a start for me.  Sending some restful, loving, breath-filled movement into my beautiful layers of gluteal muscles (aka my hips and butt) reminds me that each part of my body has a purpose.  And I am so grateful to move and explore this adventure of life in my body, the only one I have,  as imperfect as it is.  Because the imperfections in our bodies provide a chance to do the soul work that aligns with love.


A big pillow (for under your chest/head)

A rolled blanket or smaller pillow (for under your hip)

Start on all fours – hands and knees.  Bring your right knee to your right wrist and lay your shin and foot down at an angle under your belly.  Walk your left leg back straight behind you.  Place your pillows and supports on the floor under your chest and hip.  Slowly walk your chest down towards the pillow and let your head rest to one side.  Place your arms out at a comfortable angle on the ground.  Send long, loving breaths to your hips – or any other part of your body that you have been at war with.  This may dig up some emotions – and that is OKAY!  

Rest in this for at least 5 minutes on BOTH SIDES.  Practice making a new peace in your body – it may open up peace in your heart and mind as well!