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Meet Lacuna Loft’s Featured Community Member of the Week, Justin B!

justin holding baby yoda

Meet Justin Birckbichler.

Home: Fredericksburg, VA

Horoscope: Leo

Favorite Book: Move Your Bus by Ron Clark

Hero: Robert Downey, Jr.

Superpower: I’m either excellent at something or terrible. No middle ground.

Hardest Challenge: Losing my cat unexpectedly.

Guilty Pleasure: I’m rather partial to some Taytay and Miley, TikTok, and Pokemon Red.

Favorite Lacuna Loft Program: The “Young Adult Voices” Blog!

Proudest Moment: My Ted Talk

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received: Find your happiness.

How I stay mentally healthy: Writing, Reading, Exercise

Personal Mantra: “We don’t make excuses, we make changes.”

My favorite part of being part of Lacuna Loft: The awesome people.