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Meet Leslie Palliere, Our Featured Community Member of the Week

Meet Leslie Palliere.

My name: Leslie Palliere

Home​: Currently I live in Aiken, SC- HOME is Payson, Utah

Horoscope: Capricorn

Favorite book: GENRE: Historical Fiction, Oldest favorite: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Newest Favorite: The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd

Hero: My grandma, my mom, my aunts, and my brothers.

Superpower: Making meaningful connections with children

Hardest challenge​: Loss of fertility, depression, divorce, and post-cancer treatment chronic conditions that are a constant reminder of personal losses.

Guilty pleasure: Binging on favorite TV shows, wine, and chocolate-covered salted caramel.

Favorite Lacuna Loft Program: Unspoken Ink, Lost and Found Journal Group

Proudest moment: Graduating with a Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences

The best piece of advice I’ve received: Be patient with your body, and allow yourself to feel how you feel.

How I stay mentally healthy: Daily meditation, daily and weekly check-ins with support groups, friends, and family, allowing myself time to be still, rest, and reflect, creative writing and journaling.

Personal Mantra: These have been changing often lately: current favorite is: “I take pride in myself daily.”

My favorite part of being part of Lacuna Loft: The instant feeling of safety and connection I have within Lacuna Loft groups, and the amazing friendships that have been made. The consistency of the programs has helped my confidence grow and writing has helped me work through so many issues and all allowed me to rediscover myself and feel more like ME again.